With a large number of competitors, Hong Kong has some of the cheapest mobile / internet / TV services in the world.

Mobile phone

As a saturated market, mobile phone services are generally very good and their package offers are quite similar. At the moment, the latest gimic is the 4G internet services, wich claimed to provide a much faster speed than the previous 3G plan.

Most of plans are available with or without a phone bundled in.  If you already have a phone it should work in Hong Kong with a new SIM card.  If you really want a phone quickly you can buy a pre-pay sim card at most 7-11′s & Circle K’s.

New phone contract are usually 24-months long, and most providers has promotions that you can take home a new phone right away with little down payment. Most people in Hong Kong go with unlimited plan, and availability of free Wi-Fi can be a main factor when choosing the right plan or provider for you.

Cheap rate calling

You can get cheap rate IDD calling by registering with a service provider.  There are many plans in HK and all you have to do is set-up an agreement then just add four digits before you dial internationally.   Check which provider offers the best rates to the countries you call most often.

Most mobile companies offer a service as do a number of independent companies and these tend to be cheaper. If you plan to call overseas a lot then look for the cheapest rates.

Internet (for your home)

There are three main providers for these services and they usually bundle them together but you can get them separately.  PCCW has the best coverage in terms of connected buildings especially in villages, and can be bundled with mobile plan. The other popular choice is the HK broadband where internet speed are generally reliable. I-cable’s internet services usually bundles with their TV package, which is known for its sports channels.



Hong Kong’s basic TV comes with 4 free channels (2 in Chinese and 2 in English). If you are into sports you can also check out I-cable and Now TV.

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