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Finding accommodation can be intimidating in Hong Kong for the different sizes, prices and various routes for commute to work. While this is a small city and that you only identify the skyline of high-rises on the postcard photos, Hong Kong offers a variety of life-styles to choose from.  If you are not sure where to start, take a look at where our 1200+ colleagues current lives in Hong Kong to see where they have chosen.


Some popular locations of where Singles / Couples choose to live


Some popular locations of where Family with Children choose to live


Popular locations by the teachers of your school:

HK Island:               IS / GS / PS       QBS  / ESFC       WIS / KS        SIS        BS / HS

Kowloon:                 KGV / BHS / JCSRS / KJS

New Territories:        RC / WKS         SC / SJS        CWBS / ABACUS

Outlay Islands:        DC      TC / TY


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