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Apps to use in Hong Kong

The tech-savvy Hong Kong people cannot live without their smart phones. To keep you up to date, below are some of the most popular apps among the local which you may find useful.

1. Openrice (Free) 

1. OpenriceIt is the most popular dining guide with a powerful search engine which gathers comprehensive customer reviews and discount promotions. Online booking and exclusive coupons are also available on this app.


2. HKeTransport (Free)

2. HKeTransportAn app that provides point to point transport route for enquiry including all local transportations such as MTR, Buses, Minibuses, Ferry, Tram etc. Route of choices, number of interchanges, fares, estimated journey duration and real-time traffic information are also displayed which helps in better journey planning.


3. Hong Kong Taxi Translator (HK$8.00)

3. TaxiIt is a handy useful tool for non-cantonese speakers. Over 3,000 streets, buildings, residential areas can be translated into Chinese and phonetic Cantonese, that enables Hong Kong taxi drivers easily drive you to your destination.


4. HK Free Wifi (Free)

4. HK Free wifiStruggle with no wifi access? A list of more than 1,000 wifi hotspots in Hong Kong is provided in this app, which supports you to gain wifi access easily anytime, anywhere.



5. Hong Kong TripAdvisor (Free)

5. Trip advisoryIt is a pocket guide that enables you to figure out what Hong Kong has to offer, for examples, shops and outlets, restaurants, attractions and accommodations. Hopefully it will give your some directions as well as insights while living in Hong Kong.


6. Hong Kong Weather (Free)

6. HK weatherMassive information and data obtained from Hong Kong Observatory and Environmental Protection Department, which enables to update you the current Hong Kong weather.



7. Enjoy Hiking (Free)

7. Enjoy hikingHong Kong has the most striking and valuable natural landscapes. With extraordinary hiking information such as various routes planning according to your interests and physical fitness, this app can certainly guide you to the beautiful and fascinating nature of Hong Kong step by step.


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