Hong Kong has a sub-tropical climate and weather can be pretty unpredictable at times but Hong Kong also has four distinct seasons.


Typhoons are a major part of living in the tropics and the typhoon season run from May to late September. Warnings will be broadcast on television and radio when a typhoon is approaching. The Hong Kong Observatory will issue varying degrees of  warning signals to let you know the public know the intensity of the approaching typhoon. When typhoon no. 8 or T8 is hosted, most businesses and shops close, trains will reduce their services, and many bus routes are cancelled.

If a T8 is hosted before you are at school, you should stay home or head home if you are on your way already. If a T8 is hosted when you are at school, you will be told to leave unless it is safer to stay in school.


What to expect all year round

Spring (March to May)

  • Rising temperature and humidity, evenings will be cooler
  • Sharp increase in rainfall around April
  • Cloudiest time of the year
  • Average temperature : 17°C – 26°C


Summer (June to August)

  • Hot, sunny, humid, with brief showers and occasional thunderstorm
  • Temperature usually exceed 31°C but the high humidity means it will feel hotter.
  • Average temperature : 26°C – 31°C


Autumn (September to November)

  • Often considered as the most pleasant season in Hong Kong
  • Temperatures are still high but comfortable with relatively low humidity and rainfall
  • Sunniest season, with pleasant breezes
  • Average temperature : 19°C – 28°C


Winter (December to February)

  • Cool, dry weather with frequent cold days where temperatures can drop below 10°C (which is very cold already by local standards!)
  • Becomes cloudier when nearing February
  • Average temperature : 12°C – 20°C


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