Grocery shopping

There are 2 main grocery stores in Hong Kong – ParknShop and Wellcome. Both are chain stores and offer a wide variety of products, however, don’t expect to find the same product in all of its chain. The product selection will be catered according to the location of the store – so if you go to a ParknShop store in a more local area, the product selection will be more local and vice versa.



Both ParknShop and Wellcome also have ‘sister-stores’ that are catered for expats and offers a much wider selection of western food.

‘Sister-stores’ of ParknShop are:

logo_fusion        logo_taste                  logo_international

‘Sister-stores’ of Wellcome are:

merchant_logo-2920 下載 (1)

Citysuper is another place that you can shop at. It is a high-end supermarket with several stores in Hong Kong, again offering a wide selection of western produces.


A&M is a US grocery store that sells products ranging from food items to home care and personal care. There are only two branches in Hong Kong, one in Sheung Wan and another in Stanley.

Wet Market

For those of you who are more adventurous, you can visit the wet market in your neighborhood. The food tends to be fresher at a much cheaper price. Below is the common food that you can find in a wet market.

wet-market  1 wet market 3 wet market 2


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